(Réalisé en Avril 2009)

                      PHOTO (Peter De Bock)

                       CD SYNTHETISEUR 12

Le chanteur hollandais EDWARD REEKERS à chanté  sur la musique :

                          "VICIOUS CIRCLE"

Sébastien BARROT :

1) Do you still remember how and when ED STARINK contacted you ?

EDWARD REEKERS : I don’t think it was Ed himself who contacted me the first time. He had Edwin Schimscheimer doing productions for him and he contacted me. I knew Ed already as a musician, though.
Sébastien BARROT :
2) In which year ?
EDWARD REEKERS :  It must have been somewhere in the 80’s.
Sébastien BARROT :
3) Which is your principal source of inspiration for your songs ?
EDWARD REEKERS : That depends on the song and whether I write the music first or the lyrics. Sometimes when you write the music you have one or two lyric lines already in mind and sometimes when you write lyrics you have an idea for a melody for a certain line.
Sébastien BARROT :
4) Did you want to make albums with ED STARINK in the years 1990s ?
EDWARD REEKERS : I liked working with him. In any year.
Sébastien BARROT :
5) Giving you of concerts of your own songs ?
EDWARD REEKERS : i’m currently on tour with a project called “Motel Westcoast”. 4 lead singers and 5 musicians in a tribute to the Westcoastsound and music. Eagles, CSN&Y etc. In that show I also play and sing the title track of my recent solo album “Child of the water”.
Sébastien BARROT :
6) What was your motivation to become a singer ? 
EDWARD REEKERS : I have always loved singing and I discovered I had somewhat of a talent for it... 
Sébastien BARROT :
7) You thought of composing of the songs for film musics ?
EDWARD REEKERS : That might be very interesting. Also I’m playing with the idea of writing a musical. 
Sébastien BARROT :
8) Which music you like privately ?
EDWARD REEKERS : Peter Gabriel, Toto, Vienna Teng, Richard Page, Kevin Gilbert.
Sébastien BARROT :
9) Do you currently have projects or a new album year forecast ?
EDWARD REEKERS : I’m working on a new album with my band Kayak, which is going to be released in the fall. The title will be “Letters from Utopia”. It will be a double album with 19 (!) new songs.